Profile of Exhibits


Production Of Electric And Thermal Energy

Power Generation Systems; Stand-Alone Sources Of Energy; Boilers; Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment; Steam Turbines, Electric-Power, Combined-Cycle And Gas-Turbine Units; Heat-Exchange Equipment; Electric Generators: Turbo Generators And Hydro Generators


Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Energy

Power Switches; High-Voltage Equipment Of Distribution And Control; Non-Conductors; Cable-Conductor Products; Package Transformer Substations; Low-Voltage Equipment Of Distribution And Control; Equipment For Power Transmission Lines; Relay Protection Units


Alternative Sources Of Electrical Energy

Gas Power Engineering; Bio-energetics; Wind Power Engineering; Hydrogen Power Engineering; Geothermal Power Engineering; Minor Hydro-Power Engineering; Solar Power Engineering;


Renewable Energy

Equipment Manufacturers, Research & Development Companies, Component Equipment Suppliers, Project Developers & Operators, Associations, Consulting Companies

  • Industrial Power Engineering
  • Power Transmission
  • Technologies Of Energy Efficiency And Energy Saving
  • Electro-Technical Equipment
  • Fuel Materials
  • Pumps And Compressors
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Pipes And Pipeline Fittings
  • Industrial Ventilation Systems
  • Technologies And Systems Of Water Treatment
  • Measurement, Control And Diagnostic Instrumentation, Diagnostic Equipment
  • Automation Control System
  • Nature Conservation Technologies
  • Instruments
  • Engineering Services
  • Related Web Portals / Media / Publishing Services
  • Conversion And Storage Of Electrical Energy

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